UVSRPV0014 Marketing in Public Administration

Faculty of Public Policies in Opava
Winter 2012
Extent and Intensity
1/1/0. 4 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Ing. Soňa Harasimová (lecturer)
Ing. Soňa Harasimová (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
prof. Ing. Dušan Halásek, CSc.
Institute of Public Administration and Social Policy - Faculty of Public Policies in Opava
Prerequisites (in Czech)
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The aim of the course is to provide the outline of elementary concepts, methods and processes used generally as well as peculiarities of marketing in public administration and public services. The target is the acquisition of elementary knowledge and skills in marketing approaches. The attention will be paid to application of theory of needs, issue of marketing in public administration, marketing plan, marketing research and information provision, marketing audit and marketing mix. The course is intended for Department of Public Administration and Regional Policy students only.
  • 1. Introduction of study, fundamental concepts
    2. Use of marketing in administration of towns and municipalities
    3. Environment of municipality, delimitation of municipality, segmentation of customers
    4. Marketing information system and research, data collecting
    5. Behaviour of the customer (PUBLIC), marketing mix
    6. Product and service (PRODUCT)
    7. Price and distribution (PRICE, PLACE)
    8. Propagation (PROMOTION), communication mix
    9. People and processes (PEOPLE, PROCESSES)
    10. Partnership and material environment
    11. SWOT analysis, strategy of development of municipalities
    required literature
  • Halásek, D. Standardizace veřejných služeb. Ostrava: VŠB-TU, 2004. info
  • Foret, M. a kol. Marketing, základy a postupy. Praha: Computer Press, 2001. info
  • JANEČKOVÁ, L.- VAŠTÍKOVÁ, M. Marketing měst a obcí. Praha: Grada Publishing, 1999. ISBN 80-7169-750-8. info
  • Vysekalová, Strnad. Základy marketingu. Praha: Fortuna, 1997. info
  • Hannagan, T. J. Marketing pro neziskový sektor. Praha: Management Press, 1996. info
  • HORÁKOVÁ, I. Marketing v současné světové praxi. Praha: Grada, 1992. ISBN 80-85424-83-5. info
Teaching methods
Lecture supplemented with a discussion
Assessment methods
The analysis of student 's performance
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course can also be completed outside the examination period.
Teacher's information
The theoretical part of the course is followed by seminar in which the students will document gained knowledge via seminar paper.
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