Corporate Finance
Mgr. Tetiana Konieva, Ph.D.
Corporate Finance
Summer 2023

The discipline “Corporate Finance” identifies the peculiarities of the operating, investing and financing activities of the corporate form of business organization; determines the sources and costs of own/borrowed funds, weighted average cost of capital; defines the order of the financial statements’ formation and indexes for the assessment of the corporation’s financial position. 

Contact information
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time by mail or you can come to the office A333 (every Monday (13.00-13.30) or Tuesday (10.30-11.00).


"Corporate finance" is a discipline of practical nature, based on calculation and analysis of specific case studies, which will be discussed together with students at seminars. It will be the necessary basis for the students in order to complete the homework (analytical work) successfully, consolidate the lecture material and prepare for the final exam.

For active participation at seminars, successful completion of the analytical work and exam , corresponding points are provided.

All necessary materials for lectures, seminars and analytical work, as well as additional information, will be added during the semester.

Activities and assessment
Activity Points per unitQuantity during the semesterTotal points
Participation at seminars 510
Analytical work30130
Final written exam60160
Total --100
Homework Vaults (analytical work)
Homeworks, file collecting.