• 1.Who can answer the course opinion poll questions?
    Students provide their answers to the course opinion poll questions during their studies. Those who have completed or interrupted these are not allowed to participate in the poll.

  • 2.Is the poll really anonymous?
    The course opinion poll is anonymous. The student's name, personal identification number, or any other identification information is not disclosed to any other party.

    Recommended reading: More on Course Opinion Poll Anonymity.

  • 3.Where about in Personal Administration can I find the course opinion poll application?
    To access the course opinion poll application, use the following path:

    Personal Administration Student End of term .. Course opinion polls

  • 4.When can I participate in the opinion poll?
    The course opinion poll usually opens two weeks before the end of teaching period at the earliest and closes before the end of autumn and spring terms. The exact opening and closing dates can be found in the very application using the following path:

    Student End of term .. Course opinion polls

    The opening and closing are done automatically. Students can change their answers or edit their additional comments repeatedly any time during the period the poll is open.

  • 5.What courses, teachers and seminar groups can I provide answers for?
    Students can only answer the questions related to the courses they have signed up for in the current term. They do so for every teacher the following way:
    Answers are provided for the teachers listed in the Course Catalogue as 'lecturers' separately and, if no seminar group has been created for the course selected, also for the teachers representing unassigned 'seminar tutors'. No answers are provided for the ones listed as 'alternate examiners', 'assistants', or 'deputies'. If a course has no teacher specified, it is included in the opinion poll as the one with no teacher assigned.

    Besides, students provide answers to the questions related to the seminar groups in which they have enrolled. Provided a seminar group has several teachers assigned, they do so for these separately. If there is a seminar group which has no teacher specified, it is included in the opinion poll as the one with no teacher assigned.

    The courses in the opinion poll thus have the following specifications:

    • name of the course and that of its teacher
    • name of the course
    • name of the course, seminar group ID, and name of the teacher of the seminar group
    • name of the course and seminar group ID

  • 6.In what order are the courses listed in the table?
    The list of courses in the opinion poll starts with those for which the student has already provided his/her answers. The courses the student has not provided his/her answers for follow the former since some of the courses in the opinion poll may not require the student's feedback. That is, the aforementioned order enables the student to effectively locate the ones for which he/she has not provided any answers yet.

  • 7.The page lists several teachers with the same course.
    If a course (or seminar group) on your list displays a teacher other than yours, please do not provide any answers for it. The same applies to the situation where you have not attended the classes of the group.

    Provided you have enrolled in the same course more than once (since you are enrolled in more than one programme of studies), you only provide your answers once.

  • 8.What are teacher's instructions?
    Teachers can instruct their students to express their opinions about a concrete topic related to their course, e.g. how satisfied they are with some new teaching material, organizational matters, etc. These topics usually concern the current term, so you are advised to pay special attention to them. The instructions are usually displayed above the field used for entering textual feedback.

    [1] teacher's instructions

  • 9.Do I have to provide answers for all the courses?
    No, you do not. However, to be allowed to access the poll statistics, you must do so for at least half (or ten) of the courses displayed or enrolled in.

    [1] Select the courses for which you want to provide answers.
    [2] You can either select a course or its seminar group.
    [3] You can provide answers for one or more teachers of the course.
    [4] Check the items you want to include in the answer form.
    [5] Select the preferred way of sorting.
    [6] Answers can be provided for all or just some (selected) courses.
    [7] The application informs you about whether you have provided answers for the required number of courses.

  • 10.What if I provide no feedback?
    The student who has not provided any feedback and has been enrolled in his/her programme of studies for more than a term is not granted access to the poll statistics. However, the student who has been enrolled in his/her programme of studies (provided this is the only programme he/she is enrolled in) for less than a term can access the poll statistics related to two terms preceding his/her enrollment.

  • 11.Why do I keep receiving wanting me to provide feedback in a course opinion poll?
    Course opinion polls provide the school with valuable information, which is subsequently processed by people responsible for raising the quality of education at the institution. By providing your feedback, you contribute to the corpus of data used for statistical purposes. The more respondents do so, the more statistically significant results can be obtained from the polls. That is the reason why you as a student are encouraged to participate in them and do so conscientiously. Another reason is that, as research shows, the polls and surveys where prospective respondents are not encouraged to provide their feedback are often participated in mostly by those with extreme views, i.e. either overly positive or overly negative, which distorts the overall evaluation process. This is also why the course opinion poll reminders cannot be disabled. Thank you for assisting our school in improving its services.

  • 12.I filled in the course opinion poll form a long time ago, but I still cannot access the poll results.
    The poll results are only available after the poll closes since otherwise these might influence the feedback of the students who have not participated in it yet and plan to do so.

  • 13.Does my teacher have access to the poll results?
    Every teacher receives the overview of the course opinion polls results by e-mail in the PDF format. The same overview also becomes available to course guarantors (this applies to all the courses they have been appointed guarantors for).

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at is(zavináč/atsign)slu(tečka/dot)cz.