• 1.How can I record my students' atendance?
    You can keep track of your students' attendance using the Attendance application, which transfers your attendance records to a special notebook designed for this purpose.

    The path to the application is as follows:

    Personal Administration Teacher's Notebook Attendance .. records

    The application only works provided there is a timetable for the seminar group or lecture available in the System. The individual seminars and lectures are displayed in three sections:

    • The section "seminar groups a student in the selection has enrolled in" lists the seminars attended by the selected students.
    • The section "my seminar groups" lists the seminars you teach.
    • The section "other seminar groups" lists the seminars taught by someone else.

    Checking a seminar group/lecture will enable you to edit attendance records for the whole term of all the students attending it. Provided you want to record students' attendance for a specific day, please click on 'select a concrete day' and choose the day (or days) you want to edit.

    [1] recording attendance for a selected seminar group for the whole term
    [2] recording attendance for a selected seminar group for specific days

    Check (select) the days for the selected students and save the contents of the table. To check (select) all the students under a certain date, please click on the date (at the top of the table). The information recorded will be saved in a special notebook designed for this purpose. That is also the place where the System saves "účast" (meaning "present") for the checked students and "neúčast" (meaning "absent") for the students who have not been checked. There is no record saved for the unchecked dates in the future. If a teacher records absolutely no attendance for a past date (no students selected), the System will assume there was no teaching taking place on that day.

    Provided you decide to edit attendance for a certain date, you can also add to the the list a student normally attending another seminar group (applies to the situations where, for instance, the student is making up for his/her absence from his/her regular seminar). You can do so by clicking on "Add a student from another seminar group".

    [1] recording attendance for a selected seminar group
    [2] links to other applications allowing you to work with attendance records

    [1] recording attendance for a selected date - adding a student attending another seminar group

    The notebook containing attendance records has the default name of "attendance XY" or "attendance" (applies to lectures). Its name can be modified, but its code should always be kept the same.
    NB: Please make sure that you always edit the attendance records via the Attendance application, not via the notebook.

    Note: It is also the information related to letters of excuse that is being transferred into the attendance records. Provided the student has submitted his/her letter of excuse, either "O" (standing for "excused") or "OPT" (applies to the letters of excuse submitted after their deadline) gets displayed next to the excused seminar/lecture. It is up to the teacher to mark the student as present or absent then.

    Provided the number of students attending your seminar groups or lectures changes during the term, please validate the notebook containing the attendance records by which you will move the students who have migrated from one group to another into the right notebook.

  • 2.How shall I proceed to view the summary of my attendance records?
    The path to the application used for browsing the summary of your attendance records is as follows:

    Personal Administration Teacher's Notebook Attendance .. summary

    The application only works provided there is a timetable available for the seminar group or lecture in the System and there are some attendance records for it.
    Please select a seminar group whose attendance record summary you want to browse and set the parameters for it (e.g. how many excused and unexcused absences are acceptable, etc.). The parameters, which can be edited any time later on, must be specified for every seminar group or lecture separately.

    [1] set parameters
    [2] student list display options

    Using the specified parameters, the application will summarize the records and inform you about whether the students have met attendance requirements. You can also modify the summary for individual students.

    [1] attendance summary for the selected student

    The summary information will get saved on the last line of the notebook created for this purpose once you have clicked on the 'Save' button. You can also use the option 'Save the ones fulfilling requirements', which saves only the records related to those students fulfilling the attendance requirements.

    Using the attendance record summary, you can enter into the System course evaluation information for the selected students or perform other operations with them. To filter out students according to their attendance records, click on 'change filter' in the Teacher's Notebook panel, check 'selected by their attendance', and click on 'Apply filter'. Then you should specify whether you want to work with the students fulfilling the attendance requirements, those not fulfilling them or the one whose attendance records have not been summarized yet. You can subsequently enter grades for the selected students, send them an e-mail, etc.

    Provided you want to include some students enrolled in another seminar group in the selection, click on 'change filter' and then on 'advanced selections' where you should select the option for including the currently selected group of students in the new selection, choose the operator OR and proceed the same way as you did in your first selection.

    The evaluation information can also be entered into the System using the so-called customized addition (for further information, please see Help on customized addition).

  • 3.Printing Attendance Forms
    Every teacher can print an attendance form for any seminar group of the course he/she teaches listing dates on which its classes are given.

    The attendance form contains a header bearing the name of the seminar group and a list of students enrolled in it. It also has a few blank fields, which can be used for adding the names of the students who enrolled in the group after the teacher printed the form.

    The number of columns making up the form depends on the number of weeks making up the term. The days of national holidays are excluded.

    To print an attendance form for a certain seminar group(s), please use the following path:

    Teacher Attendance .. Print attendance form

    Finally, select one or more of the seminar groups listed and print its (their) attendance form(s).

    [1] Printing an attendance form

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