• 1.What is a seminar group and who can create it?
    Some courses (e.g. those of physical education, English, special medical courses, etc.) require that students be taught in seminar groups. Although each of them can be found in the timetable, they do not bear any unique course identification codes since they are always subsumed under a certain course. Different seminar groups of the same course may be taught by different teachers (seminar tutors). Dividing students into seminar groups with the aid of Information System is optional. Nevertheless, we recommend teachers to do so mainly in the following situations:
    • Seminar groups of the same course are taught by several teachers each of whom wants to be able to perform System operations in his/her students only.
    • Each student only attends one seminar group.
    • Each of the groups can only be attended by a limited number of students.

    Seminar groups are usually created centrally via the application used for importing seminar groups. A Vice-Dean specifies the date on which students can start enrolling in the groups in the Term Calendar. The specification regarding the start time is not required since it is always 17:00 by default.

    1 Overview of seminar groups of the subject.

    Seminar groups are identified by a designation – subject code, slash and usually a serial number (there may be another string of letters and numbers).

    At a glance here. groups, you will find links for further work with groups under the number of individual groups. You can view the list of students enrolled in the seminar group and enroll or unsubscribe students from the group.

  • 2.Distribution of the onslaught when logging in to groups
    Enrolling students in groups is typically problematic (students compete for a lucrative schedule). The start of registration can be set differently for different subjects, only the lesson must start between 17:00 and 19:00 inclusive due to the distribution of the onslaught, by default the time is set to 17:00. start of registration using registration waves). Therefore, find out about the faculty policy..

    logging in to groups using registration waves
    The registration waves start exclusively on a working day and the registration is moved by two working days in each wave. Closer to the registration waves in the help Registration and Enrollment

    logging in to groups without registration waves
    If no wave is used, the registration date entered in the application applies to all students; therefore, there is no shift.

  • 3.What can I do with the application used for administering seminar groups?
    • Define a seminar group for the subject. It can be done by a teacher or a person with similar rights in a seminar application.
    • Export data about groups for your own needs (eg schedule) and fill in the group schedule time, capacity limit, etc. by importing from Excel or a text file.
    • Share capacity limit between multiple groups and different subjects (this only applies exceptionally).

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