• 1.What is the purpose of the Regulations Agreement application?
    Warning: The application is not part of the standard offer, if you are interested in it, please contact customer support at is@slu.cz.

    The application is accessible to all persons registered in the IS SU and offers a comprehensive overview of regulations with which the person should be familiar. He confirms his acquaintance with the regulations with the button „I have read the full text of the regulation and I understand its contents“. Familiarization can be confirmed only after opening the specific attached regulation. The administrator of the regulation then clearly sees which persons have already read the documents and which have not yet confirmed their acquaintance. All relevant regulations, whether read or unread, remain accessible to users for later review.

  • 2.What if I do not have time to confirm the regulations agreement in the application?
    A warning e-mail is sent to those who are to familiarize themselves with the regulation. In total, a maximum of three notification emails are sent to one person. If the user still does not have time to confirm the acquaintance with the content of the document, the administrator of the given regulation is notified of this fact. He or she can resume sending notification emails or take other corrective action.

    1 The administrator has an overview of employees who have read the regulation.

  • 3.For the administrator: Will the regulations be sent to the new employee?
    The application uses Groups of people in IS SU. This means that as soon as, for example, a new employee joins, all regulations are automatically sent to him, which he should become acquainted with according to the affiliation to a certain group of people. Similarly, in the case of a woman's return from maternity leave, all regulations for which she has not yet confirmed her acquaintance are sent to her.

    1 The administrator sets which groups of people should get acquainted with the regulation.

    2 Each group has its own deadline for confirm the regulation.

  • 4.Who has the ability to manage regulations?
    Any person who is assigned the right "t_predpisy" to the workplace (whole school, faculty, other part or workplace) can become the administrator of the regulation).
  • 5.For the administrator: How do I add a new regulation agreement to the application?

    The Information system Regulations Agreement Manage Regulations Agreements Create a new regulation agreement

    The administrator has the right to include a prescription in the application, which is inserted anywhere in the IS SU document server. The link to the file is inserted either directly in the form of a URL or via the magnifying glass symbol and by searching in the IS SU.

    1 Space to insert a URL.

    2 File search in IS SU.

    The administrator then selects the group or groups of persons to be familiar with the regulation and sets a deadline for confirmation.

    If the English version of the regulation is filled in by the administrator, this version is offered by default to users who have the system switched to English.

  • 6.For the administrator: I received an email about an invalid version of the regulation. What should I do?
    The system checks every day that all files are accessible to familiar persons. .If a problem is detected, the administrator of the regulation is notified by automatic email to arrange a remedy. The regulation file may have been deleted or moved. In this case, the administrator has two possible solutions:
    1. Marks the regulation with the attribute "Withdraw". Such a regulation is no longer offered to anyone for confirmation and does not appear to familiar persons even in the list of regulations.
    2. Change the file or file location and the familiarization will continue. Persons who have previously confirmed their acquaintance with the regulation do not have to confirm it again.
  • 7.How exactly does sending regulatory notification emails work?
    Everyone who has a prescription in the app will receive a notification email. The acquainted person is required to study the regulation and confirm acquaintance with the document. All this within the time limit set by the administrator of the regulation.

    A maximum of 3 emails are always sent. The first message is sent when the regulation is introduced into the application, the second after the deadline set by the administrator for studying the regulation (only if the acquaintance has not yet confirmed the reading), the third after another same period (if the acquaintance still has not confirmed). If the acquaintance does not confirm the regulation even after 3 deadlines, the information is sent to the administrator who included the regulation in the application. The administrator has the option to manually cancel the call logs so that the notification e-mails are repeated.

    If the acquainted person has more than one regulation to read in the application, a request to get acquainted with the frequency of the shortest set period is sent.

    1 Sample e-mail for acquaintance with the regulation. The regulation states the deadline by which the employee is to become acquainted.

    2 Application link.

  • 8.For the administrator: What happens when the administrator stops working at school?
    The system automatically checks that all administrators are active every day job classification at school. If not, user support is informed, which will initiate a solution to the problem.

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