Autonomous Systems

Doktorské prezenční, angličtina, 3 roky 
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To prepare experts for research and construction of autonomous systems in an open computer-science framework (e.g., multi-agent robotic systems, mathematical and software models of autonomous agents, engineered biological and bio-inspired systems). Students will learn about properties and construction of various types of such systems capable of rational and directed behavior in complex changing environments.


Graduates choose their specialization among topics like artificial intelligence (cognitive systems), knowledge systems and knowledge engineering, theoretical and applied robotics, drone control and processing drone data, modelling of multi-agent systems, bio-inspired multiagent computing, supercomputing technologies and more.

PhD graduates will find jobs as top IT experts in both private companies and public sector organizations. They are able to participate at the development of open-source software platforms, to lead teams developing large software projects, to design and build knowledge bases, to become consultants of the latest information technologies. Last but not least, they can continue their academic career as investigators at universities and international research centers.



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Obor: Autonomous Systems
Zkratka: AutoSysAp
Kód: 1801V019
Typ: doktorský
Titul: Ph.D.
Akreditace: do 31. 12. 2024
Program: P1801 P1801 Inf Informatika

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