FPF ANGCObp English
Name in Czech: Angličtina
bachelor's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FPF ANGbp English

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The Final State Examination examines the student's ability to orientate in the complex context of the field at the level of the entire study. The examination circuits from the groups of compulsory elective PVA subjects will be compiled in such a way that the student is examined only from the subjects he/she has completed.

The SZZ will consist of the following parts:

1. Defense of bachelor thesis.
The work is designed in English, deals with linguistic, literary, or cultural topics. The thesis aims to demonstrate knowledge of available professional literature, the ability to independently grasp the problem, and the ability to present the work to the committee. The defense of the bachelor's thesis is governed by the internal regulations of the Silesian University in Opava.

2. English language
The English language exam is focused on an integrated view of the English language system. Knowledge of all language plans (phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology) is assumed. The candidate should demonstrate the ability to describe and explain phenomena in a broader systemic and structural context with specific examples. The examination areas are based mainly on the following study subjects: Introduction to Language Studies, English Phonetics, English Lexicology, Grammar 1 and 2, Wordbuilding.

3. English and American literature
The exam in English written literature focuses on the illumination of developmental tendencies and the main features of individual periods of English-written literature. Attention is paid not only to the knowledge-based on reading and the candidate's ability to analyze and interpret a literary work (literary text) but also to a comprehensive overview in connection with the development of cultural history. The examination areas are mainly based on the following study subjects: Introduction to Literature, English Literature 1, 2, American Literature 1,2, British Poems for Our Times, Contemporary Anglophone Literatures, Irish Literature, Anglo-African Literature.

Requirements of the study

Other study obligations are set out in the Study and Examination Regulations of the Silesian University available at https://www.slu.cz/slu/cz/file/cul/ec5992fe-f681-4031-a6fa-ac92c721121c

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

English Loanwords in Czech Advertisements
Creolization in the poetry of Derek Walcott
Football in contemporary British literature
The image of London in Peter Ackroyd
Euphemisms in English
Magical Narrative: Symbols, Codes, and Metaphors
Cultural Aspects of Czech – British Relations
Cultural Aspects of Czech – American Relations

Information on defended theses is publicly available in the University Library catalog at https://katalog.uk.slu.cz/Carmen/ (Advanced tab, select "Student works only" in the "Department" item).
The full text of bachelor's theses and reviews is available after logging in from https://Zkp.slu.cz/?page=login

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UCJANGBP01Practical Language 1 D. Adamovázk 0/4/04 1P
FPF:UCJANGBP02Introduction to Linguistics R. Kronzk 1/1/04 2Z
FPF:UCJANGBP03Introduction to Literature M. Weisszk 1/1/04 1Z
FPF:UCJANGBP04Introduction to Philosophy P. Slováčekz 1/1/03 1-
FPF:UCJANGBP05Practical English 2 B. Hamplovázk 0/4/04 2P
FPF:UCJANGBP06English Literature 1 V. Nogolovázk 1/1/04 2Z
FPF:UCJANGBP07Culture Studies 1 M. Crhovázk 0/2/04 2P
FPF:UCJANGBP08Grammar 1 J. Chovaneczk 1/1/04 3Z
FPF:UCJANGBP09English Literature 2 V. Nogolovázk 1/1/04 3Z
FPF:UCJANGBP10Practical Language 3 L. Prágerzk 0/2/03 3P
FPF:UCJANGBP11Grammar 2 J. Chovaneczk 1/1/04 4Z
FPF:UCJANGBP12English Phonetics P. Kolářzk 1/1/04 5Z
FPF:UCJANGBP13Practical Language 4 L. Prágerzk 0/2/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP14Culture Studies 2 M. Crhovázk 0/2/04 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP15American Literature 1 M. Weisszk 1/1/04 5Z
FPF:UCJANGBP16Bachelor Thesis Seminar 1 M. Crhováz 0/2/04 5P
FPF:UCJANGBP17English Lexicology P. Kolářzk 1/1/04 5Z
FPF:UCJANGBP18American Literature 2 M. Weisszk 1/1/04 6Z
FPF:UCJANGBP19Bachelor Thesis Seminar II M. Weissz 0/2/04 6P
73 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty - předměty typu PVA Anglický jazyk

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UCJANGBP20Communication Skills L. Prágerz 0/2/03 2P
FPF:UCJANGBP21English Pronunciation P. Kolářzk 0/2/03 2P
FPF:UCJANGBP22Presentation Skills L. Prágerzk 0/2/03 1P
FPF:UCJANGBP23Translation Seminar 1 L. Prágerz 0/2/03 3P
FPF:UCJANGBP24Localization in Translation M. Weisszk 0/2/03 3P
FPF:UCJANGBP25English commercial correspondence D. Adamovázk 0/2/03 3P
FPF:UCJANGBP26Wordbuilding R. Kronzk 0/2/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP27Writing Skills M. Crhovázk 0/2/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP28Foreign Vocabulary in English R. Kronzk 0/2/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP29Academic Writing M. Crhovázk 0/2/03 5P
FPF:UCJANGBP30Practical Language 5 R. Kronzk 0/2/03 5P
FPF:UCJANGBP31Practical Language 6 R. Kronzk 0/2/03 6P
FPF:UCJANGBP32Translation Seminar 2 L. Prágerz 0/2/03 6P
39 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty - předměty typu PVA Anglo-Americká literatura a kultura

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UCJANGBP33Introduction to Poetry M. Weisszk 0/1/03 1P
FPF:UCJANGBP34English Classics in Film V. Nogolovázk 0/2/03 2P
FPF:UCJANGBP35Young Adult Fiction D. Adamovázk 0/2/04 2P
FPF:UCJANGBP36Anglo-African Literature V. Nogolovázk 0/1/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP37World War I in Poetry V. Nogolovázk 0/1/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP38British Poems for Our Times V. Nogolovázk 0/1/03 3P
FPF:UCJANGBP39Introduction to Creative Reading and Writing M. Weissz 0/1/03 4P
FPF:UCJANGBP40Critical Writing: 20th Century Film and Film Soundtracks L. Prágerz 0/2/03 5P
FPF:UCJANGBP41Contemporary Anglophone Literatures M. Weisszk 0/1/03 5P
FPF:UCJANGBP42Selected Chapters from Anglophone Cultures M. Crhovázk 1/1/04 5P
FPF:UCJANGBP43British and American Culture in Film L. Prágerz 0/2/03 6P
FPF:UCJANGBP44Irish literature D. Adamovázk 1/1/04 6P
39 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty – předměty typu PVB

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UCJANGBP45German 1 G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:UCJANGBP46German 2 G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UCJANGBP47German 3 G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UCJANGBP48Italian 1 T. Pavlíková Alešováz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:UCJANGBP49Italian 2 T. Pavlíková Alešováz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UCJANGBP50Italian 3 T. Pavlíková Alešováz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UCJANGBP51Study Skills R. Kronz 0/1/02 1-
FPF:UCJANGBP52Introduction to Professional Terminology R. Kronzk 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UCJANGBP53Business English D. Adamovázk 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UCJANGBP54English in IT 1 G. Entlovázk 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UCJANGBP55English in IT 2 G. Entlovázk 0/2/03 5-
FPF:UCJANGBP56Long-Term Study Abroad M. Crhováz 60 dnů/sem.10 --
FPF:UCJANGBP57Short-term study abroad M. Crhováz 10 dnů/sem.3 --
45 credits

Elective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UCJANGBP58German 4 G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UCJANGBP59German 5 G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 5-
FPF:UCJANGBP60German 6 G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 6-
FPF:UCJANGBP61Italian 4 T. Pavlíková Alešováz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UCJANGBP62Italian 5 T. Pavlíková Alešováz 0/2/03 5-
FPF:UCJANGBP63Italian 6 T. Pavlíková Alešováz 0/2/03 6-
18 credits

Tělesná výchova

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:KTVAERO1Aerobics 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVAERO2Aerobics 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVBADM1Badminton 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVBADM2Badminton 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVFLRB1Floorball 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVFLRB2Floorball 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVFLRM1Floorball - Men 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVFLRM2Floorball - Men 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVFLRZ1Floorball - Women 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVFLRZ2Floorball - Women 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVJOGA1Yoga exercises 1 M. Palyzováz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVJOGA2Yoga exercises 2 M. Palyzováz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVKOPA1Football 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVKOPA2Football 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVODBJ1Volleyball 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVODBJ2Volleyball 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVPLAV1Swimming 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVPLAV2Swimming 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVSQSH1Squash 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVSQSH2Squash 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
FPF:KTVSTTE1Table Tennis 1 D. Musilz 0/1/01 1-
FPF:KTVSTTE2Table Tennis 2 D. Musilz 0/1/01 2-
22 credits