OPF EMEp Economics and Management
Name in Czech: Economics and Management
bachelor's full-time single-subject, language of instruction: English English
Included in the programme: OPF B_EME Economics and Management

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The final state examination is oral and consists of:
- economic-managerial part - questions from the courses Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Principles of finance and Enterprise theory
- profile part - questions from the courses Business economics, Management, Corporate finance, Principles of marketing, Entrepreneurship
- defense of a Bachelor thesis.

Requirements for the defense of the Bachelor's thesis (BT)
The Bachelor's thesis will be prepared by the student on a topic that corresponds to the focus of the selected programme. In the state final exams, the student presents the goals and content of BT, selected research methods and results.

Requirements of the study

The student is obliged to choose the topic of the Bachelor's thesis (BT) in the 2nd year and to agree on the structure and the procedure for elaboration with the supervisor of BT. The choice of topic, including the supervisor of the BT, and the requisites of the BT are given in the material Dean's Instruction No. 03/2020 "The Implementation Procedure for the Description of Final Theses", and its elaboration in Dean's Instruction No. 02/2020 "Editing, Publishing and Storing Final Theses". Formally, the BT assignment is realized through the SW application Tematikon (www.tematikon.opf.slu.cz), to which students and teachers of SU OPF have access. BT is one of the most important parts of the study, so BT is awarded 20 credits. In addition, the student completes a special Bachelor thesis seminar evaluated 7 credits. During the elaboration of his / her BT, the student demonstrates the continuity of work on the topic, the ability to think independently, problem analysis and relevant expertise.
Within the study plan, the required exams and credits are evenly distributed throughout the study, except for the last semester, when the demands on the exams are minimized, and emphasis is placed on completing the BT. These requirements are in accordance with the number of exams / credits in other study programs at SU SBA.
The study load per one credit is 25 hours. The courses in the study programme are usually evaluated with 6 credits, which gives the study load of one course 150 hours per semester. The total minimum number of credits that a student must obtain during his / her bachelor's study is 180. The total study load is 4500 hours for the entire period of study.

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

- Evaluation of the economic situation of the selected company
- Business model of a start-up
- Visual communication as a tool for building a positive image of a company
- Brand content strategy in selected markets
- Recruitment and onboarding of employees in the selected company
- Design of the company's information system
- Marketing communication of a selected company
- Product and digital innovation of the company
- Brand marketing communication on social media
- The use of cost functions in the decision-making processes of a business entity
- Inventory management in the selected company
- Automation of business processes
- The proposal of a business strategy in international markets

Based on the methodical instructions of the Dean of SU SBA for editing, publishing and storing students' final theses, the final theses, including the assessment of opponents and a record of the course and results of the defense, are published in the study room of the University Library of Silesian University, Karviná, both in written and electronic form. Viewing and making extracts, transcripts or reproductions is subject to records provided by the study room of the SU University Library.

Recommended progress through the study plan

Obligatory courses of EMEp Bc. full-time study programme

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
OPF:EVSBAMAEMacroeconomics M. Tvrdoňzk 2/2/07 2Z
OPF:EVSBAMIEMicroeconomics I. Majerovázk 2/2/07 1Z
OPF:FIUBAACCAccounting M. Skupieňovázk 1/2/06 4P
OPF:FIUBACOFCorporate Finance T. Heryánzk 1/2/06 3P
OPF:FIUBAPOFPrinciples of Finance D. Stavárekzk 2/1/06 2Z
OPF:INMBAINFInformatics P. Suchánekzk 1/2/06 1-
OPF:INMBAKVMQuantitative Methods D. Bartlzk 2/2/07 1-
OPF:INMBASTAStatistics D. Bartlzk 2/1/06 2-
OPF:OPFBABATBachelor Thesis -z 20 6-
OPF:OPFBABTSBachelor Thesis Seminar -z 0/2/07 5-
OPF:PEMBABECBusiness Economics R. Šperkazk 1/2/06 4P
OPF:PEMBAITOInternational Trade Operations R. Bauerovázk 2/1/06 2P
OPF:PEMBALAWIntroduction to Law T. Gongolzk 2/0/05 1-
OPF:PEMBALOTLogistics T. Pražákzk 2/1/06 6P
OPF:PEMBAMNMManagement Š. Zapletalovázk 2/1/06 2Z
OPF:PEMBANOPEnterprise Theory T. Pražákzk 2/2/07 1Z
OPF:PEMBAPDKEntrepreneurship J. Duháček Šebestovázk 2/1/06 3P
OPF:PEMBAPEMPersonnel Management V. Malátekzk 1/2/06 4-
OPF:PEMBAPMAProject Management P. Adámekzk 2/2/07 3-
OPF:PEMBAPOMPrinciples of Marketing M. Klepekzk 2/1/06 3Z
139 credits

Mandatory-elective courses of EMEp Bc. full-time study programme

The requirement for completing mandatory-elective courses is to obtain 23 credits.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
OPF:FIUBAMEZInternational Finance D. Stavárekzk 2/1/06 5-
OPF:INMBAEBUE-business P. Suchánekzk 1/2/06 3-
OPF:INMBAOPAOperational Analysis R. Perzinazk 2/1/06 5-
OPF:INMBASTEStatistical Methods for Economists J. Mazurekzk 2/1/06 4-
OPF:PEMBAMACMarketing Communication K. Matušínskázk 2/1/06 5-
OPF:PEMBAMNSManagerial Skills Ž. Rylkovázk 2/0/05 4-
OPF:PEMBASEMServices Marketing K. Matušínskázk 1/2/06 5-
41 credits