FPF AVTnp Audio-visual works
Name in Czech: Audiovizuální tvorba
master's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FPF AVT-np Audio-visual works

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:ARTAVTNP01Aesthetics for practice I M. Zelinskýz 2/0/04 1Z
FPF:ARTAVTNP02Theory and common practice of cultural industries M. Zelinskýzk 1/1/04 1Z
FPF:ARTAVTNP03New media in cultural industry M. Zelinskýz 1/1/04 3Z
FPF:ARTAVTNP04Visual studies M. Zelinskýz 1/1/03 1P
FPF:ARTAVTNP05Contemporary Czech cinematography and television production M. Novosadzk 2/0/03 1P
FPF:ARTAVTNP06Contemporary European cinematography and television production K. Pupákovázk 2/0/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP07Screenplay workshop R. Merknerz 1/1/03 3-
FPF:ARTAVTNP08Audiovisual production and copyright V. Mrázz 2/0/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP28Aesthetics for practice II M. Zelinskýzk 2/0/04 2Z
FPF:ARTAVTNP29Narrative processes in theory and practice S. Chrobákovázk 1/1/04 4Z
FPF:ARTAVTNP30Language communication in the contemporary media S. Schneiderovázk 1/1/03 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP31Digitalisation of cinematographic and television works J. Zajíčekz 1/1/03 2P
FPF:ARTAVTNP32Anglo-American film and theater A. Hoffmannovázk 1/1/03 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP33Annual project M. Horsákováz 0/2/06 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP34Culture marketing and fundraising M. Ševčíkz 1/1/03 4P
FPF:ARTAVTNP35Graduation project M. Horsákováz 0/2/06 4P
FPF:ARTAVTNP36Diploma seminar M. Zelinskýz 5h/p/sem+21h/s/sem.3 4P
FPF:ARTAVTNP37Professional practice II M. Horsákováz 120h/sem.6 4-
FPF:ARTAVTNP38Professional practice I M. Horsákováz 120h/sem.6 2-
74 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty A – skupina 1

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:ARTAVTNP09Movie screenings for contemporary Czech cinematography M. Novosadz 2/0/03 1P
FPF:ARTAVTNP10History of world cinematography I M. Novosadz 2/0/03 1P
FPF:ARTAVTNP11Documentary production in radio, film, and television I. Kocíz 1/1/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP12Movie screenings for contemporary European cinematography K. Pupákováz 2/0/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP13Culture-animation workshop J. Siostrzonekz 1/1/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP39Analytic seminar M. Odehnalz 0/2/03 2P
FPF:ARTAVTNP40History of world cinematography II K. Pupákováz 2/0/03 2P
FPF:ARTAVTNP41Sociology of culture J. Siostrzonekz 1/1/03 4P
24 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty A – skupina 2

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:ARTAVTNP14History of film technology and technique I J. Zajíčekz 2/0/03 1P
FPF:ARTAVTNP15Digital restoration of the image and sound components of an AV work I J. Zajíčekz 1/1/03 1P
FPF:ARTAVTNP16Digital restoration of the image and sound components of an AV work III J. Zajíčekz 1/1/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP17Animation workshop V. Mrázz 1/1/03 3P
FPF:ARTAVTNP42History of film technology and technique II J. Zajíčekz 2/0/03 2P
FPF:ARTAVTNP43Digital restoration of the image and sound components of and AV work II J. Zajíčekz 1/1/03 2P
FPF:ARTAVTNP44Postproduction in AV and special effects V. Mrázz 1/1/03 4P
21 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty B

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:ARTAVTNP18Interpersonal communication and rhetoric S. Schneiderováz 1/1/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP19Theory of colours K. Pupákováz 1/1/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP20Creative writing I J. Chrobákz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP21Atelier of documentary production I M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP22Teamwork P. Bergmannováz 1/1/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP23Atelier of dramatic production I T. Polenskýz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP24Atelier of screenwriting I I. Kocíz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:ARTAVTNP25Popularization workshop I M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:ARTAVTNP26Radio advertising M. Ševčíkz 1/1/03 3-
FPF:ARTAVTNP27Creativity and critical practice S. Chrobákováz 1/1/03 3-
FPF:ARTAVTNP45Creative writing II S. Chrobákováz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP46Atelier of documentary production II M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP47Atelier of dramatic production II T. Polenskýz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP48Atelier of screenwriting II R. Merknerz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:ARTAVTNP49Popularization workshop II M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:ARTAVTNP50Audiovisual archives and the utilization of their collections in television production J. Zajíčekz 2/0/03 4-
FPF:ARTAVTNP75American independent film J. Bébarovázk 1/1/04 --
FPF:ARTAVTNP76Documentary in television practice M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 --
FPF:ARTAVTNP77Film production in practice L. Konečnýz 1/1/03 --
58 credits