FPF KDDPbp Cultural Dramaturgy in the theatre practice
Name in Czech: Kulturní dramaturgie v divadelní praxi
bachelor's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FPF KDDP Cultural Dramaturgy in the theatre practice

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKKDBP001Stage propedeutics H. Zahirovićzk 2/2/04 1Z
FPF:UBKKDBP002Theater in the Context of West Culture J. Cindlerovázk 2/1/04 1Z
FPF:UBKKDBP003Theatre Festival I H. Zahirovićzk 0/2/03 1P
FPF:UBKKDBP004News and opinion journalism seminar I M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 1P
FPF:UBKKDBP005Philosophy I P. Slováčekz 1/1/02 1-
FPF:UBKKDBP006Foreign Language 1 G. Entlováz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:UBKKDBP007Digital Graphic Design K. Pupákováz 1/1/02 1-
FPF:UBKKDBP008Cultural Projects Dramaturgy M. Zelinskýz 2/1/04 2Z
FPF:UBKKDBP009Theatrical Perception J. Cindlerováz 0/2/03 2Z
FPF:UBKKDBP010News-publicistic seminar II M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 2P
FPF:UBKKDBP011Philosophy II P. Slováčekzk 1/1/04 2-
FPF:UBKKDBP012Professional Praxis I J. Cindlerováz 240 hod/sem.8 2-
FPF:UBKKDBP013Foreign Language 2 G. Entlovázk 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UBKKDBP014Czech Theatre J. Cindlerovázk 2/1/04 3Z
FPF:UBKKDBP015Theatre Production I H. Zahirovićz 0/2/04 3Z
FPF:UBKKDBP016Theatre Festival II H. Zahirovićzk 0/2/03 3P
FPF:UBKKDBP017Theory of Theater and of Theatrical Components J. Cindlerovázk 2/0/04 4Z
FPF:UBKKDBP018Culture of Scening and Scenic Culture J. Cindlerováz 1/2/03 4Z
FPF:UBKKDBP019Creative Project H. Zahirovićz 4 týdny/sem.4 4P
FPF:UBKKDBP020Cultural Management and Fundraising M. Zelinskýz 1/1/03 4P
FPF:UBKKDBP021Professional Praxis II J. Cindlerováz 240 hod/sem.8 4-
FPF:UBKKDBP022Contemporary Theatre P. Bergmannovázk 2/1/04 5Z
FPF:UBKKDBP023Acting for Animation Practice H. Zahirovićz 1/2/04 5Z
FPF:UBKKDBP024Bachelor Thesis 1 P. Bergmannováz 0/2/06 5P
FPF:UBKKDBP025Teamwork P. Bergmannovázk 1/2/03 5-
FPF:UBKKDBP026Seminar of Art Studies J. Cindlerováz 0/2/04 6Z
FPF:UBKKDBP027Art Theory and Aesthetics M. Zelinskýzk 2/0/03 6Z
FPF:UBKKDBP028Bachelor Thesis Seminar 2 H. Zahirovićz 0/2/06 6P
109 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty A- skupina 1

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKKDBP029Theatre Festival III H. Zahirovićzk 0/2/03 5P
FPF:UBKKDBP030Creative Project II M. Horsákováz 4 týdny/sem.3 5P
FPF:UBKKDBP031Course of Theater ProductionII H. Zahirovićz 0/2/03 4P
FPF:UBKKDBP032Theater Dramaturgy - Basics H. Zahirovićzk 1/2/03 2P
FPF:UBKKDBP033Drama Education - Basis of the Field J. Cindlerováz 1/1/03 2P
15 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty A- skupina 2

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKCJLBP15Towards Contemporary World Literature M. Weisszk 2/0/03 1P
FPF:UBKCJLBP25Culture of Speaking Presentation S. Schneiderováz 1/2/04 5P
FPF:UBKCJLBP46Creative writing J. Chrobákz 0/2/03 2P
FPF:UBKKDBP035Literary Communication M. Tichýzk 2/0/04 3P
FPF:UBKKDBP038Seminar of Cultural Journalism P. Bergmannováz 0/2/03 4P
17 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty B

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKCJLBP17Literature in intermediality perspective I L. Martinekz 2/2/04 1-
FPF:UBKCJLBP41World Literature. From the Beginning to Classicism J. Sichálekzk 2/0/03 5-
FPF:UBKKDBP040Psychology of Advertising M. Ševčíkz 1/1/03 1-
FPF:UBKKDBP041Mass Media Communication M. Novotnýz 1/1/03 1-
FPF:UBKKDBP042Practical Experiences in Journalism M. Horsákováz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UBKKDBP043Public Relations P. Bergmannováz 1/1/03 3-
FPF:UBKKDBP044Workshop in Screenwriting R. Merknerz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UBKKDBP045Literature in Intermediality Perspective II L. Martinekzk 2/2/04 2-
FPF:UBKKDBP046Dramatherapy H. Volkmerováz 1/1/03 2-
FPF:UBKKDBP047Basics of Recitation and Public Speaking G. Zelená Sittováz 0/2/04 2-
FPF:UBKKDBP048Music Dramaturgy and Special Projects E. Mikuláškováz 1/1/03 4-
FPF:UBKKDBP049Drama Translation in Practice A. Matouškováz 0/2/02 4-
FPF:UBKKDBP050Theatre Production Seminar Drama education T. Suchánekz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UBKKDBP051Multimedia and internet M. Novotnýz 0/2/02 6-
FPF:UBKKDBP053Analýza dramatického textu A. Matouškováz 0/2/02 4-
45 credits