Degree programme specification

The German for Professional Practice programme is a three-year bachelor's degree programme with a practical focus.

With a large number of hours of language exercises and seminars focused on communication in everyday life and in a professional environment, it offers the opportunity to improve your German language skills and reach level B2. Students gain an overview of the literature, culture and attractions of German-speaking countries and have the opportunity to participate not only in selected seminars abroad, but also in half-year stays at foreign universities.

The programme is unique due to the high number of hours of work experience in companies, enterprises and institutions cooperating with German-speaking countries. Attractive subjects include professional courses focused on corporate culture and communication in the corporate environment, xxx and presentation techniques, etc., led by experienced practitioners. Other foreign languages such as English and Italian are also offered. Students thus acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for their employment in interesting professions, but also the necessary prerequisites for further study in the German language follow-up programme.

Study plans


  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates

    Graduates can find employment as a foreign relations officer in state and private companies and institutions, foreign language lecturer, specialist in internal or external communication, in centres focused on communication with foreign customers. He can work as a translator, editor, coordinator and guide in travel agencies, organizer of cultural festivals, sports meetings, conferences and workshops with foreign participation. He/she can find employment wherever knowledge of a foreign language is welcome.

  • Practical Training

    The curriculum includes a compulsory internship, which both connects theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge and also allows students to get acquainted with various professions in which they may work in the future.

    During the three years of study, students must complete three compulsory internships, each of 160 hours. The University has signed internship contracts with large and small companies in the region, but is ready to meet students' requests if they are interested in doing their internship in a different region or in a different company than those with which the contracts are already signed.

  • Access to Further Studies

    Graduates will gain a good foundation for the follow-up Master's degree and can continue their studies in the German language programme.

Basic information

Bachelor's degree programme
Length of studies
3 years
Language of instruction
Czech Czech

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