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FÚ - 1. kolo přijímací řízení 2023/2024 - Bakalářský studijní program Aplikovaná fyzika a Fyzika
Submission deadline until midnight 30/4/2023

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    The Bachelor's study program in Physics provides a comprehensive education in general and theoretical physics and mathematics. By the choice of specialization, the students can focus more on either theoretical physics and astrophysics or on practical astronomy and popularization of natural sciences. Graduates of the study will also acquire basic knowledge of numerical methods and special mathematical software for computer modeling of physical processes and processing of experimental data. An important goal of the study is also mastering of methods and techniques of presentation of acquired knowledge and scientific results at various levels - from popularization to purely professional, and further development of language and communication competencies of graduates.

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Bachelor's degree programme
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3 years
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Czech Czech

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Institute of physics in Opava
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