VAVREČKOVÁ, Šárka. The Combination of Skills Training for IT Administrators and Programmers. In Kori, Külli; Laanpere, Mark. Proceedings of the International Conference on Informatics in School: Situation, Evaluation and Perspectives. 2755th ed. Tallin, Estonia: CEUR Workshop Proceedigns, 2020. p. 152-159. ISSN 1613-0073.
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Basic information
Original name The Combination of Skills Training for IT Administrators and Programmers
Authors VAVREČKOVÁ, Šárka (203 Czech Republic, guarantor, belonging to the institution).
Edition 2755. vyd. Tallin, Estonia, Proceedings of the International Conference on Informatics in School: Situation, Evaluation and Perspectives, p. 152-159, 8 pp. 2020.
Publisher CEUR Workshop Proceedigns
Other information
Original language English
Type of outcome Proceedings paper
Field of Study 50301 Education, general; including training, pedagogy, didactics [and education systems]
Country of publisher Estonia
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Publication form electronic version available online
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RIV identification code RIV/47813059:19240/20:A0000681
Organization unit Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
ISSN 1613-0073
Keywords in English Teachning; Training Tool; Programming; Operating system; Compiler
Tags Mobility, ÚI
Tags International impact, Reviewed
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Each ICT graduate should be quite familiar with different areas of computer science – programming, administration of operating systems, information systems, databases, network administration, etc., because in many ICT professions, several different areas of computer science intersect. This trend of blending different ICT areas in the professions should be reflected in education as well. A teacher who teaches the same group of students in several subjects has the opportunity to interconnect these subjects. Probably the widest options are offered by combining a programming subject with any other,but also in other pairs of subjects some relations can be found. In the paper we discuss tools and methods for the practical teaching of some subjects and the possibilities of their interconnection. Command line skills training tools can be used to teach operating systems, while in programming subjects, students may be interested in how the similar tools are created. Programming command-line training tools requires compiler programming skills, and students working on a simplified command-line interpreter will practice the command syntax for some selected operating system. It is also beneficial for students to search for these tools, not only for the searching itself, but also for gaining orientation in license conditions and correct understanding of concepts such as open-source vs. closed-source software, license, availability, freeware vs. free software, etc.
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