Computational Physics

Magisterské navazující prezenční jednooborové, angličtina, 2 roky 
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The field of study will deepen the knowledge of computer physics. Prepares for application in a number of areas of classical and modern physics, mathematics and informatics; meets the needs of independent scientific work. Provides knowledge of computer modeling of physical processes with knowledge of numerical methods and special mathematical software, preparing for development of software products. In the specialization / field of Computer Science Physics leads to erudite independent creative activities at the border of physics and computer science.


Graduates of Computational Physics can specialise in one of the following areas: computer simulations of physical processes, graphical and multimedia processing of computer simulations, processing and utilization of experimental and observational data. Graduates should be able to work in a team, across different areas, cooperate with experts in mathematics, computer science, with engineers, technicians, and even in more distant areas (e.g. multimedia, environmental studies). Their efficient and creative approach enables them to utilize the potential of methods based on computing not only in modeling of physical processes but in other related areas as well.

Graduates will be able to specialise and adapt in research institutes dealing with basic and applied research, as well as in other areas requiring skills and creativity when applying modern mathematical and computational methods in physics or applications and data processing. Graduates will be ready to work in areas covering application of computational methods, mathematics, physics and computer science, also in industry, services, and administration.

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Obor: Computational Physics
Zkratka: PofA
Kód: 1701T055
Typ: magisterský navazující
Titul: Mgr.
Akreditace: do 31. 12. 2024
Program: N1701 N1701 Fyz Fyzika

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