UBKCJLBP18 Czech literature in the 20th century 1

Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
Summer 2021
Extent and Intensity
2/2/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Mgr. Martin Tichý, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Martin Tichý, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
Mgr. Martin Tichý, Ph.D.
Institute of The Czech Language and Library Science - Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The class deals with the history of Czech literature from the 1890s to 1945; readings and seminars focused on commented reading are planned.
Learning outcomes
The student will be able to: - characterize main problems and stages in the history of the Czech literature in the modern era
- characterize important authors' poetics
- characterize singular literary movements
- explain the literary transformations during the 20th century
- define modernism and avant-garde.
  • 1. Modernism in the Czech literature, differentiation and transformations, the role of the criticism 2. Decadence 3. Poetry of symbolism and transformation at the beginning of the 20th century 4. Naturalism and anti-naturalistic reaction (prose of art-nouveau) 5. Drama at the turn of the century 6. Prewar modernism 7. Prosaic experiments in the 1920s 8. From proletarian poetry to poetism 9. Avant-garde crisis and poetry in the 1930s 10. Drama between wars 11. Prose in the 1930s 12. Literary criticism between wars 13. Literature in the occupation time
Teaching methods
Readings, seminars.
Assessment methods
Oral exam.
Language of instruction

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