PEMBALAW Introduction to Law

School of Business Administration in Karvina
Winter 2023
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2/0/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
doc. Mgr. Tomáš Gongol, Ph.D. (lecturer)
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doc. Mgr. Tomáš Gongol, Ph.D.
Department of Business Economics and Management - School of Business Administration in Karvina
Contact Person: Ing. Kateřina Matušínská, Ph.D.
Thu 9:45–11:20 A406
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FAKULTA ( OPF ) && TYP_STUDIA ( B ) && ( FORMA ( P ) || FORMA ( Z ))
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  • 1. The Concept of Law and Legal Systems
    Definition of Law, its functions and the basic concept of law. Description of five basic legal systems used around the world. Formal and material sources of law and classification of law based on several criteria. Czech Constitutional Law and the Protection of Human Rights. Division of Powers under the Czech Constitution. Three Systems of Protecting Human Rights in the Czech Republic (national system, Council of Europe and the European Union).
    2. International Public Law and EU Law
    Origins of the International Public Law. Subjects of International Public Law. Constitutive elements of a state and succession of states. International Organizations. History of the European Union. Objectives of the European Union. Division of Powers between the European Union and its Member States. EU bodies and institutions. The Lobbyists. Primary Law. International Treaties concluded between the EU and third countries. Secondary Law. Regulations and Diretives. Enforcement of EU Law by Law Courts. Extra judicial enforcement by EU Law.
    3. Contractual Law
    Obligations in general. Principles of contractual law. Contracts, changes in obligations, extinction of obligations, subjects of contracts. Division of the contracts. Contents of the contract. Adhesion contracts. Consumer protection. Distance contracts. Labour realations. Basic principles of labour law. Prohibition of discrimination. Subjects of labour relations. Establishment of an employment relationship. Termination of the employment relationship. Liability for damage caused by the employee. Agreements on work performed outside an employment relationship.
    4. Civil and criminal liability
    General conditions of civil and criminal liability. Civil delicts v. crimes. Preconditions for civil liability for damage to arise. Delictual capacity v. criminal capacity. Compensation. Compensation for personal injuries. Compensation of pain and suffering. Compensation for aggravation of social position. Compensation of pecuniary loss as a result of personal injury.
    5. Litigation
    Definition of litigation. Judicial system. The civil/commercial litigation. Content of an action. Criminal procedure, administrative justice. Right to a fair trial. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mediation, commercial arbitration, institutionalized arbitration, ad hoc arbitration, international arbitration.
    6. Czech Corporate Law
    Sources and basic principles of the Czech business law. Definitions of key legal terms. Acting on behalf of entrepreneurs. Czech commercial register. General provisions of the Czech corporate law. Establishment, contribution, registered capital, business share, profit share, business corporation bodies, conflict of interests, executive service agreement. A limited liability company. Joint stock company.
    7. EU Competition Law
    Introduction to the system of competition law. EU antitrust law (anti-competitive agreements, abuse of a dominant position). Competition Law Authorities and their Powers. Investigatory powers of competition law authorities. Dawn raids, Office for the Protection of Competition in the Czech Republic). Mergers in European Union and in the Czech Republic.
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