UCJANGBP37 World War I in Poetry

Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
Summer 2024
Extent and Intensity
0/1/0. 3 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
PhDr. Libor Práger, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
Mgr. Veronika Nogolová, PhD.
Institute of Foreign Languages - Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
Completion of courses English literature 1 and 2.
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Course objectives
The course primarily deals with poems and themes related to World War I. The authors whose texts will be subjected to analysis include Isaac Rosenberg, Siegfried Sassoon or Thomas Hardy. Individual poems will be discussed not only in the context of the writers' lives, but also in the wider social, political and cultural context of the times. Most poems will also be juxtaposed to their contemporary interpretations, published in the recent anthology 1914: Poetry Remembers. This approach will further illuminate the texts for the students and enable them to better understand the evolution of poetry throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century.
Learning outcomes
Knowledge of British authors and poems inspired by the Great War. The ability to critically interpret these poems.
  • 1. Introduction 2. The Patriotic Attitude 3. Poems of the Doomed 4. Loss of Faith 5. Poems of the Wounded 6. Emotions in Focus 7. The Note of Anger 8. Inspired by Darkness 9. Lamentations 10. The Country Abandoned 11. Poems of the Haunted 12. World War I: Then and Now 13. Summary
  • Duffy, C. A., ed. (2013). 1914: Poetry Remembers. London: Faber & Faber. Eagleton, Terry. (2007). How to Read a Poem. Oxford: Blackwell.
  • Longley, Edna, ed. (2000). The Bloodaxe Book of 20th Century Poetry. Tarset: Bloodaxe. Sanders, A. (1994). The Short Oxford History of English Literature. Oxford: Clarendon Press. (dostupné na http://elibrary.bsu.az/books_400/N_253.pdf)
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Oral exam
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