PEMBAITO International Trade Operations

School of Business Administration in Karvina
Summer 2023
Extent and Intensity
2/1/0. 6 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Ing. Radka Bauerová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
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Ing. Radka Bauerová, Ph.D.
Department of Business Economics and Management - School of Business Administration in Karvina
Contact Person: Ing. Kateřina Matušínská, Ph.D.
Tue 13:05–14:40 A412
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PEMBAITO/01: Tue 14:45–15:30 A412, R. Bauerová
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  • 1. Introduction to international trade operations
    Definition of trade operations and their differences between internal, foreign and international trade are discussed. Trade operations are explained in detail focusing on their type, specification, functions and process of business operations in the internal and international environment. The business intermediaries and business agents are explained. Attention paid to the current political and legal status of the Czech Republic in foreign trade. There are also discussed business methods, their classification and factors influencing their choice as an important part of entering foreign markets.
    2. Implementation of trade operations and trade documentation
    Explanation of the trade operations’ process from the point of view of the preparation and the plans for entering the chosen market. Business negotiations and its starting points from the perspective of selected countries are mentioned. There are presented types of documents used in business relations from the national and international perspective. There is an explanation of Incoterms, their purpose, scope and types. International trade organizations are also examined.
    3. The role of risk in trade operations and the risk management process
    The role of domestic and international risk in trade operations and specific risk types are explained. The risk management process is explained through the different stages of risk management and risk matrix. In the next part, there are mentioned ways of ensuring fulfilment of business obligations, their economic importance and legal framework of risk insurance. Types of risk insurance are also specified internationally.
    4. Trade operations in planning and managing sales
    Planning and managing sales are explained through processes in the sales department, calculation of product profitability, estimation of effective demand. Mentioned are also the creation and calculation of prices in international trade. The payment terms in terms of types of payments, functions and their content are explained. The financing of international trade is focused on subjects, methods and instruments of financing used in trade. The role of receivable management is also thoroughly explained.
    5. Trade operations in planning and managing purchasing processes
    Trade operations in the purchasing process are described through purchasing forms, goals and purchasing decision process. The supplier relationship management is explained as an effective tool that facilitates collaboration, sourcing, transaction execution and performance monitoring of organization and its trading partners. Specification of processes when cooperation with Fairtrade certified partners. The role of legislation of the purchasing process is also explained, along with the types of contracts used in business operations.
    6. Trade operations in business logistics and distribution
    Business logistics and distribution is explained from a national and international perspective. The choice of distribution methods, operations in business logistics and reverse logistics are explained. The specifics of intra-community trade in international trade are clarified. Procedural arrangements for international transport and customs clearance operations are also explained, with a focus on the types of international transport, customs tariff, TARIC, the origin of goods and customs regimes.
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