Business Economics and Management

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A master's degree in Business Economics and Management is an increasingly essential tool in a global economy. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it will give you a solid background in advanced business economics and management and enable you to upgrade your skills in applied contemporary management techniques combined with gained knowledge of international entrepreneurial activities represented by a number of lectured disciplines of specialization Marketing and Trade.


In the Marketing and Trade specialization, the graduate further deepens knowledge and skills focused on the higher level of marketing communication, strategic marketing, marketing of financial services and the functioning of business organizations.

Graduates will apply in marketing functions at all levels of management, in the position of owners of their companies, in all sectors of the national economy, in business organizations. In terms of further university studies, holders of the degree are entitled to apply for admission to Ph.D. programmes.


P6230 Business Economics and Management

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Obor: Business Economics and Management
Zkratka: BEM
Kód: 6208T086
Typ: magisterský navazující
Titul: Ing.
Akreditace: do 31. 12. 2024
Program: N6208 N_EKOMAN Ekonomika a management