FU TFYPOFYNM Computer physics
Name in Czech: Počítačová fyzika
master's full-time specialized
Included in the programme: FU TFYZNM Theoretical physics

Parts of the final state examination and its content

Final State Examination has three parts:
1) Master's thesis defence,
2) Theoretical physics,
3) Computer physics.

Theoretical physics part verifies the knowledge from the following fundamental thematic areas of studies in programme Physics:
Theory of relativity, Quantum mechanics, Statistical physics, Quantum theory fundamentals, Material structure fundamentals and Mathematical analysis in extent of corresponding courses of fundamental study profile, which are common to all specializations.

Computer physics part verifies the knowledge typical for this specialization, i.e., the knowledge of computer physics parts that form content of following fundamental study profile courses: Symbolic computations, Numerical modelling in physics I, Numerical modelling in physics II and Numerical relativity.

Parts of State Rigours Examination and their contents

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

Diploma thesis proposals:
- Hydrodynamics simulation of accretion flow on black hole,
- Simulation of toroidal structures oscillations in vicinity of black holes,
- Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics.

Defended diploma thesis (topics are part of relativistic astrophysics and defended in actual master study programme Physics, followed by the proposed study programme Theoretical physics ):
- Computer simulation of influence of Poynting-Robertson effect on particle motion in thin accretion disks of neutron stars
- Computer simulations of accretion structures oscillations in vicinity relativistic compact objects,
- Hydrostatic equilibrium equation and its numerical solutions,
- Development of device with GPS module to track object location and data processing.

Rigour thesis topics propposal:
- Universal relation between neutron stars partameters,
- Numerical simulation of radiation transport in curved spacetimes

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FU:TFNSP0001Relativistic Physics and Astrophysics I J. Scheezk 4/2/08 1Z
FU:TFNSP0002Quantum Mechanics P. Lichardzk 4/2/08 1Z
FU:TFNSP0003Mathematical Methods in Physics F. Blaschkezk 3/2/07 1-
FU:TFNSP0004Statistical Physics and Kinetic M. Blaschkezk 2/2/06 2P
FU:TFNSP0005Quantum Field Theory I F. Blaschkezk 4/2/08 2P
FU:TFNSP0006Numerical Methods in Physics J. Scheezk 1/4/07 2P
FU:TFNSP0007Solid State Physics I. Hubačzk 2/1/05 3P
FU:TFNSP0008Cosmology Z. Stuchlíkzk 3/2/07 4P
FU:TFNSP0009Diploma Thesis J. Scheez 0/3/05 4-
61 credits

Povinné předměty specializace

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FU:TFNPF0001Symbolical Computations S. Hledíkzk 2/2/06 1P
FU:TFNPF0002Numerical Modeling in Physics I J. Scheezk 4/2/08 2Z
FU:TFNPF0003Numerical Modeling in Physics II J. Scheezk 4/2/08 3P
FU:TFNPF0004Computer Physics Seminar I M. Urbanecz 0/2/02 3-
FU:TFNPF0005Numerical Relativity M. Urbaneczk 2/2/06 4P
FU:TFNPF0006Computer Physics Seminar II M. Urbanecz 0/2/02 4-
32 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty – typ B

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FU:TFNPV0001Plasma Physics A. Tursunovzk 2/2/06 1-
FU:TFNPV0002Gravitational Waves M. Urbaneczk 2/2/06 1-
FU:TFNPV0003Deterministic chaos M. Kološzk 2/2/06 1-
FU:TFNPV0004Data Processing and Interpretation G. Törökzk 1/3/06 2-
FU:TFNPV0005Introduction to Solitons F. Blaschkezk 2/2/06 2-
FU:TFNPV0006Dense Matter Equations of State M. Urbaneczk 2/2/06 3-
FU:TFNPV0007Groups and Symmetries in Particle Physics J. Juráňzk 2/2/06 3-
FU:TFNPV0008Many Particles Quantum Theory I. Hubačzk 2/2/06 3-
FU:TFNPV0009Temperature Fluctuations of CMBR J. Scheezk 2/2/06 3-
FU:TFNPV0010Numerical Astrophysics M. Urbaneczk 1/3/06 3-
FU:TFNPV0011Quantum Chromodynamics P. Lichardzk 3/1/06 4-
FU:TFNPV0012Accreting Relativistic Binary Systems G. Törökzk 2/2/06 4-
72 credits