ARCHSTN013 The development of Czech archaeological thinking until the beginning of the 1990s

Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
Summer 2024
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1/2/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
doc. PhDr. Vratislav Janák, CSc. (lecturer)
doc. PhDr. Vratislav Janák, CSc. (seminar tutor)
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doc. PhDr. Vratislav Janák, CSc.
Institute of Archaeology – Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava
Thu 13:55–14:40 M5
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ARCHSTN013/A: Thu 14:45–16:20 M5, V. Janák
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Course objectives
The subject is based on a brief overview of the history (linguistically) of Czech archeology in our countries and reading characteristics texts to help listeners become aware of its thought tradition, as it arose and changed during the 19th and 20th centuries. and three the basic sources that shaped this process: the general development of European thought; the development of archeology in the surrounding countries; observance of the Czech national program. The time frame of the subject ends at the turn of the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, because the pervasive social changes of the time also seemingly sharply separated archeology from its domestic ideological foundations. However, even after three decades, the future direction of Czech archeology as a whole is not yet clear. It will be during its formation but having to deal not only with what is coming, but also with his own past and try to synthesize them. Subject offers listeners the necessary foundation for this. A rather unusual hourly allowance for the subject (individual lessons: 1p+2s) is due to the fact that the lecture will briefly characterize the individual time periods and the seminar will be devoted to the reading of relevant passages from characteristic texts and a discussion of what has been read.
Learning outcomes
The student will have a basic overview of the history of Czech archeology in our countries.
  • 1. Czech archeology until the time of the Píčovs (Kalina, Krolmus, Vocel, Smolík, Dudík, etc.). Foundation of the Kingdom Museum of the Czech Republic, its Archaeological Corps and Archaeological Monuments. 2. J.L. Píč and his "team" ("museum school"). Antiques of the Czech land. 3. L. Niederle and "university school". Handle of Czech archaeology. 4. Dispute between museum and university school. 5. Olomouc Museum Magazine, Moravian Archaeological Club, Prevěk. J. Wankel, J. Palliardi, K. J. Maška, I. L. Červinka et al. 6. Changes after the establishment of the Republic. Definitive unification of Czech archeology in the Czech lands, striving for centralization and unification of archaeological societies. State Archaeological Institute, Unity of the Czech Republic prehistorians. Prehistoric horizon. 7. The interwar period. L. Niederle, A. Stocký, J. Skrónil, E. Šimek, J. Eisner (interference in Slovakia), J. Skutil, I. L. Červinka et al. 8. Period of occupation. Violent German interference with catastrophic consequences. Establishment of the State branch Archaeological Institute in Brno. J. Böhm and the Chronicle of the Discovered Age. 9. The period from 1945 to the founding of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. J. Böhm, J. Filip. 10. The 1950s: The Liblica conference on the chronology of the prehistory of Czechoslovakia and the new exhibition of the National Museum. Conference on the European Eneolithic in 1959. J. Böhm, J. Filip, J. Neustupný. 11. Sixties: Great Morava, Halštat and Býčí skála exhibitions; world congress in Prague in 1966. Filipův "Handbook". J. Böhm, J. Filip. 12. 1970s – 1980s: staying on top of what was achieved. J. Filip, J. Poulík. 13. Whither Czech archaeology?
    required literature
  • Kolektiv: Vývoj archeologie v Čechách a na Moravě. Archeologické studijní materiály10, 1. 1972, II. 2. 1976.
  • Bouzek, J. (ed.): Dějiny archeologie I, II, Praha 1983, 1984.
  • Kuna, M. – Maříková-Kubková, J. Starcová, M. (eds.): Sto let v archeologii. Objevy, nálezy a expedice Archeologického ústavu v Praze 1919 – 2019. Praha 2019.
    recommended literature
  • Buchtela, K. – Niederle, L. – Matiegka, J.: Rukověť české archeologie. Praha 1910
  • Sklenář, K.: Píč – Niederle – Buchtela: Zápas o českou archeologii na přelomu 19. a 20. století. Praehistorica 31/1, 2013, 9 – 98.
  • Červinka, I. L.: Morava za pravěku. Brno 1902.
  • Böhm, J.: Sto let Památek archeologických. Památky archeologické 45, 1954, 1-34.
  • Böhm, J.: Kronika objeveného věku. Praha 1941
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