FPF KNIHbk Library Science
Name in Czech: Knihovnictví
Bachelor's combined single-subject, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: FPF KNIH-bc Library Science

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKKBK0001English 1 G. Entlováz 8 hod/sem.2 1-
FPF:UBKKBK0002History of Libraries and Librarianship J. Brožovská Onderkovázk 10 hod/sem.2 1P
FPF:UBKKBK0003Philosophy I P. Slováčekz 12 hod/sem.2 1-
FPF:UBKKBK0004Information Science 1 M. Timkozk 18 hod/sem.6 1Z
FPF:UBKKBK0005Working with information R. Papíkz 10 hod/sem.3 1P
FPF:UBKKBK0006Practical Course in Computer Science I L. Ciencialováz 10 hod/sem.2 1-
FPF:UBKKBK0007Social Communication 1 A. Novotnázk 18 hod/sem.6 1P
FPF:UBKKBK0008Introduction to Computer Science and Technology P. Sosíkzk 12 hod/sem.3 1P
FPF:UBKKBK0009Introduction to the study of librarianship D. Katuščákzk 8 hod/sem.4 1Z
FPF:UBKKBK0010English 2 G. Entlovázk 8 hod/sem.2 2-
FPF:UBKKBK0011Elektronické informační zdroje R. Papíkzk 18 hod/sem.6 2Z
FPF:UBKKBK0012Philosophy 2 P. Slováčekzk 12 hod/sem.4 2-
FPF:UBKKBK0013Information Science 2 M. Timkozk 18 hod/sem.6 2Z
FPF:UBKKBK0014Librarianship practise 1 J. Brožovská Onderkováz 240 h / sem.10 2-
FPF:UBKKBK0015Social Communication 2 A. Novotnázk 18 hod/sem.6 2P
FPF:UBKKBK0016Reading and reading literacy M. Timkozk 8 hod/sem.4 3P
FPF:UBKKBK0017Acquisition and cataloguing of library collection 1 J. Plankovázk 16 hod/sem.6 3Z
FPF:UBKKBK0018Information policy 1 D. Katuščákzk 12 hod/sem.4 3Z
FPF:UBKKBK0019Library Legislation M. Dombrovskázk 10 hod/sem.3 3P
FPF:UBKKBK0020Towards Contemporary World Literature M. Weisszk 8 hod/sem.3 3P
FPF:UBKKBK0021Organization and management of projects 1 D. Katuščákzk 12 hod/sem.4 3P
FPF:UBKKBK0022Material organization D. Staňovázk 16hod/sem.6 3-
FPF:UBKKBK0023Acquisition and cataloguing of library collection 2 J. Plankovázk 16 hod/sem.6 4Z
FPF:UBKKBK0024Information policy 2 D. Katuščákzk 12 hod/sem.4 4Z
FPF:UBKKBK0025Knihovnická praxe 2 J. Brožovská Onderkováz 240 h / sem.10 4-
FPF:UBKKBK0026Organization and management of projects 2 D. Katuščákzk 12 hod/sem.4 4P
FPF:UBKKBK0027Bibliographic systems 1 K. Matulazk 12 hod/sem.6 5Z
FPF:UBKKBK0028Digital reading and hypertext D. Katuščákzk 12 hod/sem.6 5Z
FPF:UBKKBK0029Information Ethics 1 M. Timkoz 8 hod/sem.3 5-
FPF:UBKKBK0030Organisation and management of public libraries 1 L. Foberováz 12 hod/sem.4 5P
FPF:UBKKBK0031Seminar for bachelor's thesis 1 M. Timkoz 8 hod/sem.2 5P
FPF:UBKKBK0032Bibliographic systems 2 K. Matulazk 12 hod/sem.6 6Z
FPF:UBKKBK0033Information Ethics 2 M. Timkozk 8 hod/sem.3 6-
FPF:UBKKBK0034Organisation and management of public libraries 2 L. Foberovázk 12 hod/sem.4 6P
FPF:UBKKBK0035Seminar for bachelor's thesis 2 M. Timkoz 8 hod/sem.2 6P
154 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty typu PVA

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKKBK0036Literary Communication M. Tichýzk 8 hod/sem.4 3P
FPF:UBKKBK0037Česká literatura 20. století 1 M. Tichýzk 14 hod/sem.5 4P
FPF:UBKKBK003820th Century Czech Literature 2 L. Martinekzk 14 hod/sem.5 5P
14 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty typu PVB

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UBKKBK0039Book culture Seminar J. Brožovská Onderkováz 8 hod/sem.3 1-
FPF:UBKKBK0040World Literature. From the Beginning to Classicism J. Sichálekzk 8 hod/sem.3 1-
FPF:UBKKBK0041Practical Course in Computer Science II L. Ciencialováz 10 hod/sem.2 2-
FPF:UBKKBK0042Algorithms and programming I L. Ciencialováz 14 hod/sem.4 3-
FPF:UBKKBK0043Operating Systems I Š. Vavrečkováz 10 hod/sem.2 3-
FPF:UBKKBK0044Web Technology I L. Ciencialováz 8 hod/sem.2 3-
FPF:UBKKBK0045Speed reading course R. Papíkz 14 hod/sem.3 4-
FPF:UBKKBK0046Computer Network and Internet Š. Vavrečkovázk 14 hod/sem.6 4-
FPF:UBKKBK0047Computer Typography A. Novotnáz 8 hod/sem.2 4-
FPF:UBKKBK0048Information Systems I L. Ciencialovázk 12 hod/sem.5 5-
FPF:UBKKBK0049Natural Language Processing I D. Valentaz 8 hod/sem.4 5-
FPF:UBKKBK0050Bibliotherapy J. Kudelováz 8 hod/sem.3 6-
FPF:UBKKBK0051Book History J. Brožovská Onderkovázk 8 hod/sem.3 6-
FPF:UBKKBK0052Digitization in librarianship J. Plankováz 8 hod/sem.3 6-
FPF:UBKKBK0053Information Systems II D. Kajzarz 8 hod/sem.2 6-
FPF:UBKKBK0054Information Hygiene M. Dombrovskáz 8hod/sem.3 2-
50 credits