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    1. ZAKARIA, A K M. A study of the challenges and opportunities in marketing and customer relationship management for microfinance institutions serving refugee entrepreneurs in Europe. SU OPF, 2023, 16 s. Working Paper in Interdisciplinary Economics and Business Research.
    2. ZAKARIA, A K M. THE IMPACT OF MICROFINANCE FOR SUPPORTING REFUGEE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EUROPE: AN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVE. Online. In Fafílek, M. DOKBAT 2023 - 19th International Bata Conference for Ph.D. Students and Young Researchers. Zlín: Tomas Bata University in Zlín, 2023, s. 505-515. ISBN 978-80-7678-194-8. Dostupné z:


    1. ZAKARIA, A K M. A PROJECT OF A CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. In Proceedings of 13th International Scientific Conference Karviná Ph.D. Conference on Business and Economics. Karviná, 2022, s. 89-100. ISBN 978-80-7510-529-5.
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