FVP EPOSBcP Educational Care for Seniors
Name in Czech: Edukační péče o seniory
bachelor's full-time single-subject, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: FVP EPOS Educational Care for Seniors

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FVP:UPPVJP001Introduction to Study -z 0/13/04 1-
FVP:UPPVJP002Introduction to Pedagogy and Andragogy V. Cabanovázk 13/13/05 1Z
FVP:UPPVJP003Introduction to Psychology M. Kolaříkovázk 13/13/05 1Z
FVP:UPPVJP004Sociology of Old Age and Social Gerontology J. Skopalovázk 13/0/04 1P
FVP:UPPVJP005Somatology -zk 13/0/04 1-
FVP:UPPVJP007Psychology of Ageing and Old Age N. Špatenkovázk 13/13/05 1P
FVP:UPPVJP006General Gerontagogy N. Špatenkovázk 13/13/05 2Z
FVP:UPPVJP008Social Psychology and Psychology of Health L. Drotárovázk 13/13/05 2P
FVP:UPPVJP009Communication with the Elderly I V. Kocourkovázk 13/13/05 2P
FVP:UPPVJP012Professional Work Experience I -z 0/13/1044 3-
FVP:UPPVJP013Androdidactics and Gerontodidactics K. Janišzk 13/13/05 3Z
FVP:UPPVJP014Interest Education of the Elderly N. Špatenkovázk 13/13/05 3-
FVP:UPPVJP015Communication with the Elderly II L. Drotárovázk 13/13/05 3P
FVP:UPPVJP016Ict Literacy of Seniors -z 13/13/04 3-
FVP:UPPVJP035Physical Education and Health Activities with Seniors K. Janišzk 0/13/05 3P
FVP:UPPVJP017Special Gerontagogy M. Kolaříkovázk 13/13/05 4P
FVP:UPPVJP020Methodology for Participation in Experience Education and Play Activities J. Kočíz 0/13/04 4P
FVP:UPPVJP021Professional Internship II -z 0/13/1044 4-
FVP:UPPVJP022Methodology of Andragogical and Gerontagogical Research -zk 13/13/05 5-
FVP:UPPVJP024Bachelor Thesis Seminar I -z 0/13/05 5-
FVP:UPPVJP025Professional Work Experience III -z 0/13/1044 5-
FVP:UPPVJP023Social Pathology and Prevention in Seniors J. Skopalovázk 8/8/05 6P
FVP:UPPVJP026Bachelor Thesis Seminar II -z 0/16/010 6-
FVP:UPPVJP027Professional Work Experience IV -z 0/8/1445 6-
117 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty A

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FVP:UPPVJP028Philosophical Issues of the Life of a Senior P. Slováčekzk 13/0/04 1P
FVP:UPPVJP029First Aid to Seniors J. Haluzíkovázk 13/13/05 2P
FVP:UPPVJP030Social Work and Social Services for Seniors P. Fabiánzk 13/0/04 3P
FVP:UPPVJP047Educational Care for Seniors 1 -z 0/13/04 3-
FVP:UPPVJP048Educational Care for Seniors 1 -z 0/13/04 3-
FVP:UPPVJP049Educational Care for Seniors 1 -z 0/13/04 3-
FVP:UPPVJP031Cognitive Training with Seniors N. Špatenkováz 0/13/04 4P
FVP:UPPVJP050Educational Care for Seniors 2 -z 0/13/04 4-
FVP:UPPVJP051Educational Care for Seniors 2 -z 0/13/04 4-
FVP:UPPVJP052Educational Care for Seniors 2 -z 0/13/04 4-
FVP:UPPVJP032Casuistic Seminar M. Kolaříkováz 0/13/04 5P
45 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty B

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FVP:UPPVJP010Introduction to Geriatrics -zk 13/0/04 1-
FVP:UPPVJP033Volunteering in Seniors -z 13/0/03 1-
FVP:UPPVJP018Introduction to Gerontopsychiatry -zk 13/0/04 2-
FVP:UPPVJP037Tourism and Seniors -z 13/0/03 3-
FVP:UPPVJP038Utilization of Multi-Sensory Environment in Working With the Elderly -z 0/13/03 3-
FVP:UPPVJP041Introduction to Animation and Basic Therapeutic Methods -z 13/13/03 3-
FVP:UPPVJP040Palliative and Hospice Care -z 13/0/03 4-
FVP:UPPVJP042Spa Stays for Seniors -z 13/0/04 4-
FVP:UPPVJP043Creation and Management of Projects -z 13/13/04 5-
FVP:UPPVJP044Introduction to Ergonomics and Occupational Therapy -z 0/13/03 5-
FVP:UPPVJP045Preparation of Tourism and Spa Stay Project for Seniors -z 0/13/03 5-
FVP:UPPVJP053Creative Art Therapy for Seniors -z 1/0/03 4-
40 credits

Společné předměty pro všechny programy

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FVP:FVPFP007Adaptation course M. Kolaříkováz 0/0/243 1-
3 credits