FPF HiMubp History-museology
Name in Czech: Historie-muzeologie
Bachelor's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FPF HiMu History-museology

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UHVHMBP001Introduction to the study of history P. Kozákzk 2/2/05 1Z
FPF:UHVHMBP002Introduction to museology M. Zapletalzk 2/2/05 1Z
FPF:UHVHMBP003Museum history M. Zapletalzk 2/0/04 1Z
FPF:UHVHMBP004Conservation, restoration and protection of collections H. Rajhelováz 0/2/04 1-
FPF:UHVHMBP005English Language 1 M. Weissz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:UHVHMBP006Němčina I G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:UHVHMBP007Basics of auxiliary historical sciences I. Matejko-Peterkazk 2/0/04 2Z
FPF:UHVHMBP008Seminar on the basics of auxiliary historical sciences I. Matejko-Peterkaz 0/2/04 2P
FPF:UHVHMBP009Introduction to Art History M. Hochelz 2/0/04 2-
FPF:UHVHMBP010Museum legislation in the Czech Republic and EU M. Zapletalz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UHVHMBP011English Language 2 M. Weissz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UHVHMBP012Němčina II G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 2-
FPF:UHVHMBP013Professional practice I M. Hochelz 0/0/0 4 týdny / 160 hod.8 2P
FPF:UHVHMBP014Medieval History I H. Komárkovázk 2/1/05 3Z
FPF:UHVHMBP015History of the early modern period I. Zmetákzk 2/1/05 3Z
FPF:UHVHMBP016Dějiny hmotné kultury I I. Matejko-Peterkazk 1/1/04 3Z
FPF:UHVHMBP017Preventive conservation A. Šimčíkz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UHVHMBP018Conservation and Restoration I H. Rajhelováz 0/3/03 3-
FPF:UHVHMBP019Medieval History II D. Radekzk 2/1/05 4Z
FPF:UHVHMBP020Dějiny raného novověku II I. Korbelářovázk 2/1/05 4Z
FPF:UHVHMBP021History of material culture II I. Matejko-Peterkazk 1/1/04 4Z
FPF:UHVHMBP022Conservation and Restoration II H. Rajhelováz 0/3/03 4-
FPF:UHVHMBP023Bachelor Thesis Seminar I M. Pelcz 0/2/04 4-
FPF:UHVHMBP024Professional practice II M. Hochelz 0/0/0 4 týdny / 160 hod.8 4P
FPF:UHVHMBP025Modern History I M. Hochelzk 2/1/05 5Z
FPF:UHVHMBP026Recent history I Z. Jirásekzk 2/1/05 5Z
FPF:UHVHMBP027Museum management and marketing M. Zapletalzk 2/0/04 5-
FPF:UHVHMBP028Conservation and Restoration III H. Rajhelováz 0/3/03 5-
FPF:UHVHMBP029Bachelor Thesis Seminar II M. Pelcz 0/2/04 5-
FPF:UHVHMBP030Modern history II M. Pelczk 2/1/05 6Z
FPF:UHVHMBP031Contemporary History II J. Knapíkzk 2/1/05 6Z
FPF:UHVHMBP032Museums, Galleries and Country Houses M. Hochelz 0/2/04 6Z
FPF:UHVHMBP033Bachelor Thesis Seminar III M. Pelcz 0/2/04 6-
FPF:UHVHMBP034Professional practice III M. Hochelz 0/0/0 4 týdny / 160 hod.8 6P
149 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty A

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UHVHMBP035Ecomuseology M. Zapletalz 2/0/03 1P
FPF:UHVHMBP036History of antiquity II - Greek and Roman civilisation K. Vymětalovázk 1/1/03 2P
FPF:UHVHMBP037Basics of archeology M. Tymonováz 1/1/03 4P
FPF:UHVHMBP038Ochrana přírodního dědictví M. Zapletalz 0/2/03 2P
FPF:UHVHMBP039Special museology I M. Zapletalz 0/2/03 3P
FPF:UHVHMBP040Special museology II M. Zapletalz 0/2/03 4P
FPF:UHVHMBP041Expertise I. Matejko-Peterkaz 1/1/03 5P
FPF:UHVHMBP052History of Antiquity I. The oldest Civilisations K. Vymětalovázk 1/1/03 1P
24 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty B

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FPF:UHVHMBP042Fundamentals of Latin grammar K. Vymětalováz 0/2/03 1-
FPF:UHVHMBP043English Language 3 M. Weissz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UHVHMBP044Němčina III G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UHVHMBP045Selected Chapters from Middle-Ages I H. Komárkováz 0/2/03 3-
FPF:UHVHMBP046English Language 4 M. Weissz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UHVHMBP047Němčina IV G. Rykalováz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UHVHMBP048Selected chapters from the history of the early modern period II. I. Zmetákz 0/2/03 4-
FPF:UHVHMBP049Ethnography and ethnology for museologists I. Zmetákz 0/2/03 5-
FPF:UHVHMBP050Selected Chapters from Modern History I M. Hochelz 0/2/03 5-
FPF:UHVHMBP051Selected chapters from modern history II M. Pelcz 0/2/03 6-
30 credits

Elective courses